Allen Chak, Founder

Allen Chak, a university student at Emory, is pursuing his passion in hi-tech and entrepreneurship. Allen, a long time Scouts Canada leader, with more than eight hundred hours of community service work is no stranger to hard work. Allen’s love of technology coupled with his fondness of Vancouver’s greenness has made him seek out new opportunities to help save the environment through a new re-cycling program for electronics. Through chatting with fellow classmates and friends he found that few were aware that second-hand electronic devices could potentially do a lot of harm to the environment.

Bearing those problems in mind, Allen set about founding the non-profit youth organization, Green Tech Canada which allows teens to dispose of their unwanted electronic devices safely and re-cycle re-usable components. Soon he invited another 12 leaders from schools across Canada to do the same. Furthermore, Allen created a partnership between Green Tech Canada and Free Geek to donate recycled electronics to members of the public who could not afford to purchase a computer/electronic device and to find homes for donated electronics.

Allen hopes that together Green Tech Canada and Free Geek Canada, will have a profound influence on solving E-wastes locally and maybe one day, globally. Together the students involved are leading a wave of “donating, learning and contributing ” in elementary schools and middle schools nationwide.

Amy Chang, Co-President

Amy Chang is a grade 12 student at Crofton House School in Vancouver, BC. Amy enjoys volunteering at community centres and senior centres. Like her sister Betty, she is also a member of the basketball team and she has participated in various math contests. Amy has also been a member of student council at school. She hopes to raise awareness about the harmful impacts of technology on the environment. Amy will be a good member of Green Tech Canada with her positive attitude.

Betty Chang, Co-President

Betty Chang is a grade 12 student at Crofton House School in Vancouver, BC. She enjoys playing basketball as she is part of the school team. She also enjoys volunteering at various places such as community centres and senior centres. Betty has also participated in many math contests ever since she was in grade four. She is part of the youth non-profit organization, Green Tech Canada, because she is aware about the harmful impact that technology has on the environment. With her creative ideas, Betty hopes to make a positive contribution in the organization.

Michelle Zheng, Art Director and Secretary Head of Lord Byng Secondary School

Michelle Zheng is a 12th grade student at Lord Byng Secondary School, and is very thrilled to contribute to “Club Name”. She joins the Byng Arts( Visual Art) mini school program at Lord Byng Secondary school, and is an very positive and optimistic student, who likes to help out at various events in school. Outside of school, she enjoys volunteering and likes involving in different communities. Michelle is an artistic person. She volunteers at the Vancouver Art Gallery to organize programs, and to teach children about the exhibitions. She also volunteers at Chali-Rosso Art Gallery as the Secretary who writes articles and help to organize gallery events.

Michelle is not only artistic but also very passionate. She looks forward to the fulfill year with “Club Name” and is excited to contribute with her greatest ability.